Ese fue el primer acercamiento. Un tesoro del cual tuve tiempo de empezar a leer en las 40 horas de viaje que hay entre La Paz y Santiago de Chile. Si es por hablar de familia, su verdadera familia es la ciudad de La Paz y sus calles, ya que el recuerdo que posee de sus familiares -madre, padrastro, padre y madrastra-, no son los mejores. Viscarra, memoria y ciudad.

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On a childhood family trip to Naples , Hugo saw the vast Alpine passes and the snowy peaks, the magnificently blue Mediterranean, and Rome during its festivities. They stayed in Naples for a few months and then headed back to Paris. On 4 September, she drowned in the Seine at Villequier , pulled down by her heavy skirts when a boat overturned. Her young husband also died trying to save her. I will see that instant until I die, that instant—too much for tears!

Although Napoleon III proclaimed a general amnesty in , under which Hugo could have safely returned to France, the author stayed in exile, only returning when Napoleon III was forced from power as a result of the French defeat in the Franco-Prussian War in After the Siege of Paris from to , Hugo lived again in Guernsey from to , and then finally returned to France for the remainder of his life.

In , after the death of his son Charles, Hugo took custody of his grandchildren Jeanne and Georges-Victor. In his youth, Hugo resolved to be "Chateaubriand or nothing", and his life would come to parallel that of his predecessor in many ways. Like Chateaubriand, Hugo furthered the cause of Romanticism, became involved in politics though mostly as a champion of Republicanism , and was forced into exile due to his political stances.

Though the poems were admired for their spontaneous fervour and fluency, the collection that followed four years later in Odes et Ballades revealed Hugo to be a great poet, a natural master of lyric and creative song. Hugo became the figurehead of the Romantic literary movement with the plays Cromwell and Hernani One of the effects of the novel was to shame the City of Paris into restoring the much-neglected Cathedral of Notre Dame , which was attracting thousands of tourists who had read the popular novel.

The book also inspired a renewed appreciation for pre-Renaissance buildings, which thereafter began to be actively preserved. The Belgian publishing house Lacroix and Verboeckhoven undertook a marketing campaign unusual for the time, issuing press releases about the work a full six months before the launch.

It also initially published only the first part of the novel " Fantine " , which was launched simultaneously in major cities. Instalments of the book sold out within hours and had enormous impact on French society. Today, the novel remains his most well-known work. It is popular worldwide and has been adapted for cinema, television, and stage shows. An apocryphal tale [10] about the shortest correspondence in history is said to have been between Hugo and his publisher Hurst and Blackett in He queried the reaction to the work by sending a single-character telegram to his publisher, asking?.

The publisher replied with a single! His last novel, Quatre-vingt-treize Ninety-Three , published in , dealt with a subject that Hugo had previously avoided: the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Political life and exile[ edit ].


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