Principles of Web Design, Sixth Edition, leads you through the entire web site creation process, from start to finish, while developing and enhancing your HTML, CSS, and visual design skills along the way. You will also learn how to create accessible web sites that let users easily and quickly navigate through your information, regardless of browser type, connection speed, or browsing device. You will explore the principles of responsive design, a new method of designing web sites that adapt to devices ranging from mobile phones to desktop monitors. Whether you are building a site from scratch or redesigning an existing site, the principles presented in this text will help you deliver your web content in a more responsive, accessible, and visually exciting way. This edition reflects the latest in web design trends with expanded sections, plenty of new content, and an updated topic flow. You will learn how the smartphone and tablet revolution has changed the nature of web design and how to respond to those changes.

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Now updated to include designing web content for smartphones and tablets, this Sixth Edition features all-new sections on HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design as well as technical updates and new screen shots throughout.

Beginning with the web design environment and the principles of sound web design, students will continue to planning site layout and navigation, and progress to web typography, colors and images, and more.

With thought-provoking hands-on activities and projects, students will gain a solid foundation of designing successful, standards-based, responsive web sites that are portable across different operating systems, browsers, smartphones and tablets. Well written and easy to understand. Grateful we used this book for class! Good Book. Lousy Customer Service. By The Driz on Jan 14, This is an excellent book to teach the psychology behind web design. While focusing on the technical aspect of designing a website, it also teaches the important side of user experience — the psychology behind how users want to interact with information.

There are many projects that teach each principle in the book. I ordered this book on December So much for planning ahead. The seller was great. Did not waste any time getting my order By Shana Hackney on Feb 04, The seller was great. Did not waste any time getting my order ready to ship. I ordered this and received it in the mail very fast.

It was packaged well so there was no damage to the item. The item was better than described, high quality, and exactly what I was wanting when I ordered it. I would highly recommend this seller and this product. This book really taught me how to understand and write By Wendy on Dec 10, This book really taught me how to understand and write code. I was initially intimidated about the class that I had to take but this book was a life saver and helped me earn an "A" in the class.

Thx a mil!! Came in as promised. Good activities and step by step to learn web design. Perfect for serious web designers By Brook on Oct 14, I am renting this book, however if you are serious about web design, you may want to go ahead and purchase. It is shockingly easy to read and there are step by step almost-hence 4 stars instead of five instructions for the assignments.

By Sherrie Jungfleisch on Oct 07, Said the book was in "good" condition, it was "fair" at best. For the brand new price of this book, it would be wiser to spend that extra money elsewhere. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of pages in the book.

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Principles of web design



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