They are found in the Atharva Rahasyam. They were given out by sage Bhargava. This is not to be recited separately as a single piece. This is to stress the fact that Lord Narayana and Laxmi are indeed one though spoken of as two different deities. The appellation stotram, stuti and stavam all describe a hymn only. They all narrate the qualities of a deity.

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Krishna makes this assurance. By doing so, you will be liberated from the bonds of action that result in good or evil results. The kindly Lord arranges for him to come into contact with noble souls, narayaana sadhus or saints. Submit Review Submit Review. Our scriptures repeatedly state that the birth as a human being is very rare and so immensely valuable. For these reasons they are considered very sacred and therefore secret — not to be easily given out. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for orders above Rs and Global Shipment at the most economical cost.

Vishnu priye Rathna garbhe Samastha phaladhe Shive, Thwath Garbha gatha hemaadheen sampradarsaya darsaya.

Hello World, this is a test. They were not freely available like Vishnu Sahasranamam. Rasa thala gathe Lakshmi Seegram agacha may pura, Na jane paramam roopam mathar may sampradarsaya.

Hrurayam is the screen that is behind the movie and sustains it, but this fact is overlooked. Shri Shankaracharya says this in his AparokShanubhuti thus. Vande Lakshmim para siva mayeem Shuddha Jamboona dhaabhaam, Thejo ropaam kanaka vasanaam sarva bhooshojwalangeem, Bheejaapooraam kanaka kalasam hema padmam dhadhaanaam, Aadhyam shakthim sakala jananim sarva mangalya yuktham. Oh Lakshmi, increase wisdom in my heart, Oh Lakshmi, increase luck in my houseOh Lakshmi, shower mercy on me, Oh Lakshmi rain gold on my hands.

Prakriti or maya named variouly as Parvati or Laxmi is the creative power of the Lord. NH is the shorter one. Narayana is the divine light and our soul is divine Narayana, Narayana is the divine Brahmam and I salute Narayana. But, as said in the case of artha above, the enjoyments sought and indulged in should not be illegal or against the dictates of the shahstras.

LH is longer and consists of verses. Who are the basic axis of the world, sitting on the tortoise, Which leads to endless pleasures and are located on a lotus, Which has a main petal which is like the goad over the, Pericarp of the lotus sitting on it like Mount Meru. Thus one gets entangled in the cycle of repeated births and deaths. That thoughts which arise out of my mind, Oh God who is in my mind, Should be fulfilled always and always, Oh my lord.

You who are the permanent consort of the primeval Vishnu, Oh mother, come with your husband in front of me, And by the blessing of your forms like Aadhi Lakshmi, Step by step let me find all the treasures.

One may say that he will do lot of good karmas, earn plenty of merit or punyam and as a result gain birth in higher worlds. You lqkshmi the Maya who makes the entire universe go round and round. Yadha hi puthra vathsalyath Janani prasnutha sthani, Vathsam thwaritham aagathya sampreenayathi vathsala.

Manthra Chant Sri Lakshmi kamala dharinyai Simha vahinyai swaha. Hastha dwayena kamala dharayanthim swaleelaya, Hara noopura samyuktham Maha lakshmim vichintheyeth. Aavirbhava manovegath, seegram agacha may pura, Maa vathsa bairiheth yukthwa kamangairiva raksha maam. Sridhare Mahalakshmi thwaddhanthastham maha nidhim, Seegra muddhruthya puratha pradarsaya samarpaya.

Please come and come of stable one in front of me, Oh Goddess who shines with a pair of eyes filled with mercy. The reader is requested to read the comments given to the LH also available in this site under the headimg Laxmi in the category DEVI as these two stotras are linked.

Become pleased with me Mahalakshmi, who is pleasant and greatly peaceful, Who is a dear and has a stable character, please stay always in my home. Therefore one should leave no stone unturned to attain liberation in this world itself. This is brought out in verse No. Narayana is the divine abode and is the object of meditation.

Permanently stay in my home along with Lord Vishnu, As you stay in Vaikunta or in the ocean of milk. Animals may be stronger, faster and have capabilities such as very acute hearing, keen eye sight etc.

So it becomes the duty of every intelligent person to work for liberation and not keep on wallowing in samsara. This is suitable for meditation. The idea, he says, is that the reflecton will be distinct in a mirror, only when it is spotlessly clear. In the month of September-october and in the phase of waxing moon, On days of Navarathri festival if this is read with devotion, With increasing frequencies on each day [3]Then there would be a rain of Gold. Related Posts


Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam

Dhathryai namosthu dhana dhanya samrudwidhayai. I salute the peaceful one who protects those who surrender to her, I salute the shining one who is adorned by attractive qualities, I salute the patient one who removes sufferings in a second, I salute the Goddess earth who blesses people with money and food. Shakthyai namosthu sasi shekara samsthithayai, Rathyai namosthu rajani kara sodharaayai, Bhakthyai namosthu bhavsa sagara tharakayai, Mathyai namosthu Madhu soodhana vallabhai I salute the Shakthi who adorns herself by using the moon, I salute the very pretty one who is the sister of moon, the Lord of the night, I salute the personification of devotion who helps people to cross the ocean of life, And I salute her who is wisdom and who is the consort of killer of Madhu. Lakshmyai namosthu shubha lakshana lakshithayai, Sidhyai namosthuy sura sidha supoojithayai Dhrthyai namosthu mama dur gathi bhanjanayai, Gathyai namosthu vara sad gathi dayakayai. I salute Lakshmi who is known by the auspicious signs, I salute the achiever who is worshipped by devas and sages, I salute her with fortitude who destroys the bad paths that I take, I salute the guide on the way who shows me the proper path. Devyai namosthu dhivi deva ganarchithayai, Bhoothyai namosthu bhuvarthi vinasakayai, Shanthyai namosthu dharani dhara vallabhayai, Pushtyai namosthu purushothama vathsalayai. I salute the Goddess who is worshipped by hoards of devas, I salute the bountiful one, who destroys afflictions of the world, I salute the peaceful one, who is the consort of he who carries the earth, I salute the healthy one, who is the darling of Vishnu.



Our scriptures repeatedly sanskit that the birth as a human being is very rare and so immensely valuable. Buy this book in a Combo. Jayathu jayathu ramya Rathna garbhantharastha, Jayathu jayathu Shudha shudha Jamboona dhabha, Jayathu jayathu Kanthaa kanthi mad bhasithangi, Jayathu jayathu santhaa Seegram aagascha soumye. Yasya, kalayya kamaledhbhavadhya, Rudrascha sakra pramukhascha deva, Jeevathi sarvepi sasakthayasthe, Prabhutwamaptha paramayushasthe.


Sri Lakshmi Hrudaya Stotram – శ్రీ లక్ష్మీ హృదయస్తోత్రం


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