Charging currents, up to 20 amperes. Discharging currents, up to 30 amperes. Current capacity of each accumulator ampere-hours, at a ampere rate. Energy capacity, volt ampere-hours or watt-hours.

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The cohesion of molecular shells is brought about by inertial systems in the gravity field, manifesting in the two poles of natural magnetism and electromagnetism.

He claimed that by "hatching" the atomic egg, particularly of paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements especially bismuth , atomic energy could be released gently. The Carr affair is generally considered to be a fraud. This file is a collection of excerpts of technical factoids from articles, interviews, etc. The technology actually makes some sense to me, anyhow, with qualifications and reservations. His engineer Norman Colton was an alcoholic who stupidly threatened a local newspaper publisher, thus generating more negative feedback.

According to Carr, "Any vehicle accelerated to an axis rotation relative to its attractive inertial mass, immediately becomes activated by free-space-energy and acts as an independent force We have shown that a charged body, accelerated to an axis rotation relative to this attractive inertial mass, indicates polarity in a given direction. The dip-needle points, say, up toward the top of the body. But mount this while rotating body, with its spindle, on another platform and rotate this platform on a spindle, then if the counter-rotation is greater than the inertial forward rotation of the body, a dip-needle on the second platform will point down while the first dip-needle points up, indicating complete relativity of polarity.

When the exact counter-rotation matches the forward rotation the body loses its polarity entirely and immediately becomes activated by free-energy tensor stresses in space and acts as an independent force The above-described assembly of counter-rotating charged masses becomes weightless and will escape the immediate attraction of gravitational forces Carr : "Our system utilizes gravity, electromagnetism, and electromotive force and a relative field to get its functional operation.

We use an electrified sender. Now this is what we call an accumulator It is a storage cell, an accumulation of storage cells which provide an electromotive force in the same manner that any known battery produces and electromotive force This [the Utron] is a dimensional product. It was designed with the dimensions of space itself. We say it is truly the geometric form of space, because it is completely round and completely square. It has been proven in scientific laboratories that the very smallest unit of mass matter ever photographed in the electron microscope are square in shape We have applied this principle into an electrified system, which is the power core of our space vehicle.

Now what makes this unique and novel from a battery is the fact that this is a piece of moving machinery that rotates. Our average storage battery is an inanimate object set in an inertial spot and then the electromotive force is conducted by wires from this battery to animate some object. Well, it looks like two ice cream cones put together at the wide ends, but he angle is a lot wider [90 degrees] than that of the ice cream cones.

There are a series of ridges; they look like gears would fit in. Is that correct? OTC: No, those are in a sense turbine; they are reactive channels and where there is atmosphere a flow of air there aids in rotation.

LJ: Well, then, this is one of the components of the drive; this is the battery. OTC: This is the center power core. LJ: This generates electricity? OTC: This is right. This is a storage cell for electrical energy. In operation it generates electricity at the same time it puts out electromotive force. This is the central power system for our spacecraft.

LJ: I can tell this: that it opened up and it appears to be hollowed out on the inside OTC: It is a sphere, yes. And each unit is a hemisphere. Can you tell me more about it and how you stumbled on this idea?

OTC: The equation is brought about by the shape of our Utron electrical accumulator; this is the name given to our central power system. In our operation of working models and in checking out experiments, we had to find the formula that fir the reason for the action and reaction we were getting. So in exploring nature and studying the great inspirational work of the Dr.

Einstein on relativity, we came upon this formula of linear correlation. And when we study linear correlation in geometric form we have to have a starting point and this is the point. And from there it explains through the cross and through the circle. And the only mathematical way we can express it is in the symbolism of zero X or 0X, and this formula brings us to that.

We claim that this is the true unified field theory in physical practice. Now in physical form, this is something else again On this craft, insofar as the individuals are concerned, we can travel in the same manner as a pressurized airliner. And we can very slowly rise, and once we are outside the atmosphere we can accelerate to tremendous velocities up to the speed of light itself.

LJ: How would it land, sir? This is a relative velocity craft and the minute it reaches the relative velocity of the attractive inertial mass, it becomes weightless as regards this inertial attraction. Individually, it is not weightless; t has the same weight as before, but when it reaches the relative location it becomes an independent system just as a planet is an independent system.

LJ: Is there any gravitational pull at this point, sir? OTC: None whatsoever. They will have the same feeling of pressure or weight that they have right now because we will maintain as far as possible the atmospheric pressure of the earth at sea level inside the craft. We have been able to be sealed off away from such a condition and then artificially with atmospheric pressure the pressure in the cabin is maintained.

We have it very well in submarines. The same may be used in our craft. OTC: There is gravitational pull at all times, but we are speaking about the atmosphere of the occupants inside a sealed unit. LJ: Is that necessary to keep the occupants in the position they desire? OTC: Absolutely, because in a vacuum they are at the mercy of any velocity. LJ: What would happen, sir, if there were some kind of instrument that you could turn on and eliminate the gravitational pull that was in this room?

OTC: You would in a sense become very buoyant and this is not in itself a novelty but it certainly does not have any disastrous effect on humanity. LJ: Would I remain in this position? OTC: You could, but any movement would move you out of it. LJ: Would objects remain in position? OTC: Until they were brought into any movement. Any movement would make them buoyant themselves.

LJ: I have a lead pencil; if I hold it in the air and release my fingers it would fall because of gravitational pull. If we had this other condition which you so aptly described a moment ago, if I released my fingers would the pencil remain in midair? OTC: This is true; it would stay there. OTC: Exactly correct. LJ: And this is done by the battery which I attempted to describe, spinning around and producing its own gravitational influence?

OTC: Yes, this is the beginning of an answer to your question: we have capacitor plates and electromagnets as a part of this system. Now, this is counter-rotating; the electromagnets rotate in one direction, and the batteries rotate in another. The capacitor plates rotate in conjunction with the battery so that we have a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Now the third system is the cabin that maintains the crew. This does not rotate; it is fixed due to the fact that the two bodies are rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.

Therefore the system causes the craft to escape from the gravity pull. The craft itself due to this system still has internal gravity because it still has the same weight that it had in the beginning. LJ: What charges this battery?

OTC: This starts out electrochemically the same as other batteries, but we do have a regenerating system that is very unique. We are able here, for the first time to our knowledge, to use atmospheric electricity as a recharging system. This is done as part of the operational principle of the craft.

LJ: You say you use atmospheric electricity. What happens when you leave the atmosphere? OTC: We have electrochemical systems to provide us with all the energy that we need and have a regenerating system in the manner of a regenerative coil that recharges this battery in the same manner that the storage battery in the automobile is recharged now, by a generator. LJ: What you have doe is made the first perpetual motion machine. OTC: There is nothing perpetual about our machine. The energies which cause it to operate are perpetual.

You cannot destroy matter, and you cannot destroy energy; molecular flow is perpetual and that has been proven in the laboratory. It has been proven that electricity itself is immortal. When we take away resistance we can set up a spark of electricity and it will continue to operate; therefore we have perpetual energy.

No machine that we can conceive of made by man would be perpetual, but it is free energy. Ben: About this formula: were using conventional algebraic methods? Partially conventional, but we were joining actual space forms.

We arrived at satisfactory equations for ourselves which can be demonstrated. Ben: Are the physical laws upon which your invention works expressed in mathematical terms? OTC: Sometimes these solutions are not always what appear.


Electrical Accumulators or Storage Batteries



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